Ruby Zoisite Natural Ruby Necklace Ruby Beads July Birthstone DIY Jewelry Supply Ruby Necklace 4-8 Inch Strand 14x11mm SKU:00108580,00108581

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Ruby comes from the Latin “rubens” meaning red. It is one of the most precious gems which comes from the family of sapphire. In history, ruby symbolizes power and protection. When worn as a talisman, ruby was believed to help protect warriors in battle

THIS LISTING PRICE INCLUDEDS1 strand per order* Color: Red, Green  Transparency: Semi-translucentCut: Fancy cut Total  Carat weight: 100.7ct,58.6ctStone  Size (mm): 15.2x12.7mm, 14.6x11.4mm SKU: 00108580,00108581*