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If you like to read real lifetime story, then this is it for you.
I am Haja Mohamed Ravuter started Incorporated this company as Vettri Gems USA, Inc October 10,2000 New York city with as big as 100 sq feet single room office at 15 w 47th street Manhattan after migrating from Jaipur India.

Problem with My industry
At the beginning stage I was calling getting appointment multiple supplier running around block back and forth which have I collected bunch of business card from the various trade shows looking for gemstone to full filling my everyday phone order and also making special custom jewelry, if I found right stone from some lunatic vendors from new York city don’t want selling to me few pcs, because they are have been here for long time and they have seen golden times period , they have made big dollars so they don’t care about small guy like me, so I am obligated to buy more than what I actually need for and keep in stock rest of stones which going to be dead stock any way , because when you buy like this it will end up dead stock your investment, instead of what you want for that particular order, it was totally frustrated and wasting my time , when I say wasting my time means its really took lots of time full filling routine everyday order. Its been for while until I took step into E-commerce

Journey To Solution
Then I say to myself at the end of the day, hmmm no dammit way, I am done with this nonsense…this is not the ideal way looking for gemstone fulfill my order, No. No… No… there should be better way for that orrrrr we should create one, So I decided to start establishing and selling online for QUALITY gemstone for all level in industry with limited computer knowledge. Then started attending all major international gems trade show contacting quality supplier resources, travel around globe Thailand, Brazil, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, China and India

Milestone and Wins
Now we have over 50 dedicated suppliers for us working around the globe, they are direct manufacturer of gemstones what does it means? It meads buying rough gemstones from the mines cut and polished from their own factory and supply to us, it will save huge us amount over 50% of stone cost because there is no middle man between us and them., its really winner when you have this kind the resources for your gemstones resources , now I have over 5000 repeated online customer they are jewelry manufacturer, jewelry designer, wholesaler and small retailer.

We are membership with industry high ranked in AGTA (American Gem Trade Association), ICA (International Color stone Association), JBT (Jewelers Board of Trade), Polygon and IDCA (INDIAN DIAMOND COLORSTONE ASSOCIATION)

Trade Show
Still we have been exhibiting all major Gems and Jewelry trade show nationally and globally since we started this company, including our major shows Tucson, JCK, JIS Miami, JA New York, JBM Hong Kong and China.

Mission and Goal
Its been almost 2 decade I have been started this online e-commerce with over 50000 items with over 5000 unique SKU number, my goal is next 10 years we want reach over 100000 items to mean it PLANET OF GEMESTONES, one stop n shop for all loose gemstones from A to Z ,, every size, every shape for targeting all level in Jewelry industry through online with quality gemstone and exceptional customer service.

Dear Reader, Thank you for reading this our real time story, hope you are enjoying while you are reading my life time story, without your support and loyalty repeating business and blessing of Al Mighty “GOD “ I wound not be reached this mile stone.Taj Mahal Gems is 100% risk-free shopping online experience. Every customer order is equal to million dollar order so the amount of order doesn't matter for us at all...

Haja Mohamed Ravuter
Founder and CEO
Vettri Gems Usa, Inc

From 2014 started to selling through Etsy , please check our primary site 

www.planetgemstones.com for complete inventory.