Natural Rhodolite Garnet January Birthstone Purple Garnet Garnet gemstone Rhodolite Garnet cabochon Red garnet RD DIY 9mm 3.79ct SKU:12645

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Rhodolite is a garnet derived from two Greek words meaning “rose stone”. It is known as a Stone of Inspiration, bringing inspiration of love via the heart and mind. In ancient Rome, signet rings with carved garnets were used to stamp the wax that secured important documents.

THIS LISTING PRICE INCLUDES  1 stones per order* Color: Reddish Purple  Transparency: Semitransparent - Transparent Cut: Cabochon Shape:Round Total  Carat weight: 3.79ct Stone  Size (mm): 9mm Clarity: Eye-Clean Hardness: 7-7.5 Treatment: None Special considerations: None SKU: 12645*