Natural Red coral Taiwan Coral Red Coral Coral Cacochon Natural Coral Coral Gemstone rose Flower RD 8mm,10mm,12mm SKU:114143,114155,114138

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This coral necklace is a true beauty as this organic coral gemstone stands for good luck and fortune. There is a common belief that says it strengthens the circulatory system and the bones. It is also known to stimulate tissue regeneration and nourishing the blood cells.

THIS LISTING PRICE INCLUDEDS10 Pcs per order* Color: Red OrangeStone Size: 8mm,10mm & 12mm Total carat weight: 15-45 ct Transparency: Opaque Cut: Round  Hardness: 3.5  Treatment: Stabilized/Heated SKU: 114143,114155,114138 Special considerations: Please note all strands are unfinished and ready for customization. *