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Red coral, also known as Praval or Moonga, which is ruled by Mars/Mangal, is one of the popular gemstones that is known to the astrological world.

Moonga is believed to be an incredible help in bringing mental and spiritual peace to people suffering from mental instability, low confidence, or apprehensions.

When you wear red coral, you wear vitality, energy, and ambition.

There is a common belief that coral strengthens the circulatory system and the bones. It is also known to stimulate tissue regeneration and nourishing the blood cells.

Buddhism tells us Red Coral trees grow in paradise. People experiencing depression will find Red Coral a great morale booster; this a stone of power, but with a strong sense of center and grounding.

This coral strand is a true beauty as this organic coral gemstone stands for good luck and fortune.

This listing includes 1 strand per order*

Gemstone: Natural Italian Coral
Color: Orangy red
Transparency: Opaque
Cut: Polished bead
Shape: Cylinder
Total carat weight: Approximately 15ct
Stone Size (mm): 7.0x2.5mm
Length: 8 inches
Hardness: 4
Treatment: None (color is 100% natural)

Origin: Italy
Special considerations: Please note each strand is unfinished and ready for customization.