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Coral has links to spirituality and is an important color in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In Hindu philosophy, a red shade of coral represents the Muladhara Chakra. The color is associated with roots and the Earth, and also represents where Kundalini energy sits in the spine.

In India, Coral is one of the heavenly gems tied to their Astrological System. Buddhism tells us Red Coral trees grow in paradise. People experiencing depression will find Red Coral a great morale booster; this a stone of power, but with a strong sense of center and grounding. Coral opens the Base Chakra.

Even in ancient times, Red Coral was used for physical healing. Thought to prevent stomach and digestive problems (including spasms), aid in sleeplessness, and removing bladder stones, the ancients often kept Red Coral jewelry on their bodies to encourage physical healing and wellness.

This listing includes ONE unfinished strand per order*

Gemstone: Natural Coral
Color: Red, Orange, Dark Orange, Pink
Transparency: Opaque
Cut: Polished Bead
Shape: Tube Shape
Length: 16 inches
Total Carat Weight:
2x4mm: Approximately 15 cts
3x6mm: Approximately 39 cts
Special Considerations: None
Hardness: 4
SKU: 6142786, 6142787, 6142788, 6142789, 6142790, 6142791

Special considerations: Please note the strands are unfinished and ready for customization.

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