Layered CZ Necklace Crystal Necklace Beaded Necklace Long Necklace Layered Necklace Indian Necklace Fashion Necklace 2mm Faceted Necklace SKU 6142862

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Cubic zirconia is a crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. Just like any other healing crystal, cubic zirconia has a wide range of healing traits too.

This diamond-look-alike crystal can improve your positivity, enhance your aura, and enthrall people around you. It’s a stone of calmness, cleansing, and joy.

If you have a red cubic zirconia stone, it will attract vibrations of courage and protection towards you besides accelerating the healing of your physical wounds. When seen in maroon red, it’s often called a CZ garnet crystal.

CZ stones in the color pink are soothing and calming. They help with heartbreaks and help you resolve hurdles in your love life. You might also know it as Pink Ice.

The blue variety of cubic zirconia stones are known to calm overwhelming emotions and help with sleep disorders. Blue cubic zirconia can also heal ulcers and inflammation in the body. It’s often called CZ violet rough in the industry.

This listing includes one 10 Stranded Necklace per order*

Gemstone: Cubic Zirconia
Color: Fuchsia, Burgundy, Light Peach, Teal
Transparency: Semi-translucent
Shape: Faceted Round
Treatment: None
Stone Size (mm): 2mm
Length: 16-18 inches
SKU: 6142859, 6142860, 6142861, 6142862

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