Natural Orange Coral Beads Orange Coral Gemstone Large Pumpkin Shaped Coral Beaded Strand Unfinished Strand Coral Gemstone Beads 6142910

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Orange Coral is associated with adventure and creativity and is also used to draw attention and uplift moods. The spiritual meaning behind the color orange is a blend of red and yellow, giving it a lot of energy and warmth. Orange is associated with the sacral chakra, associated with the emotional body and sensuality.

Coral also has links to spirituality and is an important color in both Hinduism and Buddhism. Coral opens the Base Chakra.

This listing includes 1 strand per order*

Gemstone: Natural Coral
Color: Orange
Transparency: Opaque
Cut: Carved bead
Shape: Elongated Pumpkin
Gemstone Specifics:
SKU 6142909: 184cts, 9 Beads, 12x16mm
SKU 6142911: 215cts, 10 Beads, 12x16mm
SKU 6142910: 225cts, 8 Beads, 12x20mm
Length: 8 inches
Hardness: 4
Treatment: Color Enhanced
SKU:6142909, 6142910, 6142911
Special considerations: Please note each strand is unfinished and ready for customization.